Catalan Review

El Cinema de Cesc Gay: Una "Metàfora Morta" Per a un Trajecte Biogeogràfic

Catalan Review (2013), 27, (1), 173–182.


Bearing in mind the ricoeurian concept of "métaphore morte," the unmentioned metaphor which refers to a reality using the expression "this model is real," I analyze four films by Cesc Gay to demonstrate that by a journey through the Catalan geography (the coast, the city of Barcelona and the mountains) Gay proposes a trip through different periods of life. In this way, he goes in depth in the link between age/period of life and geographical location, and formulates that every space where the filmic narration takes place can be understood as a metaphor of a state of mind and also of a vital moment of the biographical period: adolescence, youth and maturity. He challenges the stereotypical conception that relates space and age to certain moods and actions. The Catalan director achieves an individual and a social portrait from the denial of feelings and thoughts, and in analyzing the psichological evolution of the contemporary Catalan citizen provides a universal pattern.

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Novell, Pepa