Studia Hibernica

Edward MacLysaght and the Irish Convention 1917–181

Studia Hibernica (2018), 44, (1), 103–128.


Edward MacLysaght was a government nominee to the Irish Convention, the body instituted by David Lloyd George in 1917 to bring Irishmen of various political hues together in an attempt to identify a political solution to the ‘Irish question’ in the aftermath of the 1916 Rising. Lysaght was an unexpected choice given his relative youth, lack of political experience and limited knowledge of Ireland. In addition, he was regarded as the unofficial representative of Sinn Féin, which refused to participate in the Convention. Viewed through the lens of Lysaght’s involvement, this article examines the Convention and considers the role played by this English-born exponent of radical nationalism.

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Hickey, Brideen