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Quebec Studies (1987), 5, (1), 0


EDITORS NOTE This issue of Que%ec Studies is dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Lamy. Suzanne Lamy is currently being eulogized in Quebec for her many contributions to the development of Qu6bec literature-as an articulate and often controversial critic, as editor of the innovative literary journal Spirule, as a feminist theorist and as a creative writer. Her readers were struck by the irony when her recent novel, LA Convention, proved itself an unwitting prophecy of its author's tragic death from cancer in February of this year. Que%ec Studies would like to pay particular tribute to Suzanne Lamy for her generosity in helping and encouraging American literary scholars working on Qu4bec. The first two articles in this issue provide testimony to the nature and extent of her involvement in the American scholarly community. The round table discussion on current literary criticism in Quebec, in which Suzanne Lamy was a major participant, took place at the conference of the American Council for Quebec Studies in October of 1986. Her article on Yolande Villemaire's LA Constellation du Cygne was delivered as a paper at the Chicago meeting of the Midwest Modem Language Association in November. Prepared only a few months before her death, these contributions to Que3ec Studies thus stand among her last critical writings. These two documents bear written testimony to Suzanne Lamy's dialogue with American scholarship on Quebec, but they do not tell the full story. Left unrecorded are the experiences of numerous individual scholars whose work has been enriched by personal contact with Suzanne. The silencing of her voice creates a sense of loss as deeply felt in the United States as in Quebec. Mary Jean Green

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Green, Mary