Quebec Studies

Editor's Note

Quebec Studies (1988), 7, (1), 0–2.


EDITORS NOTE This will be my last issue as editor of Quebec Studies. It has been exciting to watch the growth of the journal over the past six years, from a series of conference papers by a small group of scholars in the Northeast to a nationally- and even internationally-known publica­ tion that attracts contributions from all corners of the North American continent. If this growth has been a function of the steadily-growing interest in Québec by scholars in the United States, it is to be hoped that Québec Studies has also played its part in encouraging that interest by providing an outlet for the new and expanding research. I would like to give special thanks to my indefatigable book review editor, Jim Herlan, who has been part of this project since the very begin­ ning. I would also like to thank the members of the Québec Studies Editorial Board, who have long been a source of expertise, encouragement, and friendly advice. Editorial Board members have participated, along with other readers, in the rigorous and demanding refereeing process that has enabled Quebec Studies to earn a respected place in the academic dossiers of its contributors. It would take up a large part of the issue to describe the unique talents of each member of the Board and to enumerate the many ways in which each has come to my rescue at various times over the years. I would, however, like to single out for special thanks Marty Lubin, whose intimate knowledge of the Québec political scene has compensated for my own lack of background in political science and has helped to keep Québec Studies truly interdisciplinary. My greatest pleasure as an editor has been the opportunity to keep in touch with the many colleagues who have become involved in the journal and to learn about the fascinating and diverse projects they have undertaken. I look forward to continuing these friendships through the various networks of Quebec studies activities that have been established over the past few years, particularly the American Council for Quebec Studies.

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