Quebec Studies

Editor's Note

Quebec Studies (1986), 4, (1), 0–2.


EDITORS NOTE Each annual issue of Que%ec Studies provides me with an opportunity to observe the scene of current scholarship on Qubbcc being generated in American univcrsities-or at least a pcrhaps non-reprcsenta tive sample of it. This year's submissions reflect a continuing diversity of approach and issues and, especially in the social science areas, a movement away from topics of immediate current interest to those which concern the process of social change occurring over a longer period of time. Questions of education provide the common focus of thc first four articles, reflecting the fact that this is the area of Qubbcc society most profoundly affected by the political changes of the last twenty-five years. Thc articles by Marc Levine and Linda Kahn providc a dual and complementary perspective on the effort to affirm Qubbbcois identity through emphasis on the use of the French language, as this effort has affected both anglophone and francophone communities in Montreal. Levine concludes that, while the trend toward minorization of French has been reversed, the anglophone community is adapting to its new status as a true minority within a French-speaking culture. Kiihn's rather controversial observations of a high school in Montreal's francophonc East End suggest, on the other hand, that these efforts to insure the survival of the French languagc may have had other, less positive economic effects on the very francophone community they were designed to protect. A related changc in Qubbec's francophone educational system was effected not only by the rapid expansion of the universities, but also by the creation of an educational institution unique in North America-the CEGEPs, which wcrc designed to provide both vocational training and preparation for the universities. In his analysis of this institutional development, Wcston Donehowcr attempts to gain an overview of its strengths and weaknesses, finally terming i t a qualified succc'ss. While Lcvine, Kahn and Doncliowcr trace the effect of political changc on the educational system, Alain Gagnon, taking an even longer historical view, traces the roots of political changc within the

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Green, Mary