Quebec Studies

Resources for the Teaching of the Sociology of Quebec: A Bibliographic Essay

Quebec Studies (1983), 1, (1), 72–86.


Resources for the Teaching of the Sociology of Quebec: A Bibliographic Essay Madeleine Giguire There are several challenges in developing a bibliography of resources for the teaching of the sociology of Quebec to American undergraduates. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to find materials in English. The overwhelming majority of the students I teach cannot read French well enough to profit by French texts. I have found that even among students with substantial skills in French there is great reluctance to undertake reading sociology in French. Thus my selections have been made solely from the English-language literature. Secondly, the readings had to be readable and interesting to the student. They could not be couched in such purely Canadian terms that they would be difficult for the American undergraduate to understand. This is particularly a problem in political questions. Thirdly, since the goal was to identify the materials for a course in sociology the selections had to reflect the concerns of the contemporary discipline of sociology. That is not to say that only the writings of sociologists were considered, but rather that the sociological perspective or at least a social science perspective had to be evident for the article or book to be included. Finally, it was not assumed that the course was being taught as part of a Quebec Studies or Canadian Studies context, so that elementary historical and geographical resources were included. Nor was it assumed that the library collection on Quebec would be extensive or that Canadian journals would be widely available. Consequently, volumes of collected articles were thought to be particularly valuable. The goal was to make the

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Giguère, Madeleine