Quebec Studies


Quebec Studies (1994), 18, (1), 184–185.


Quebec Studies, No. 18, 1994 CONTRIBUTORS KATHARINE CONLEY is Assistant Professor of French at Dartmouth College; her recent articles include "La Femme Automatique du surrealisme" and "Writing the Virgin's Body: Breton and Eluard's Zmmacuke Conception". She is currently preparing a book on Robert Desnos. MARC DESCHENES is researcher at the Centre d'e'tudes sur ks dh. His fields of research include newspaper content, media ownership and monopoly. He also teaches newspaper editing at the Departement d'information et de communication of Laval University in Quebec City. ROBERT DION is a graduate student in political science at Indiana University. His is completing a monograph for the Indiana Center on Global Change and World Peace that examines the effects of living in majorityFrench political settings on the voting behavior and political attitudes of people in Quebec. GILLES GAUTHIER is Professeur-chercheur in the Departement d'information et de communication of Laval University. His publications include "La metaphore guerriere dans la communication politique" and "Nommer ou ne pas nommer: un fondement rationnel de la pudeur joumalistique". He is currently engaged in research on political communication and journalistic ethics. ALEXANDRA JARQUE is a doctoral student in the French Studies department of the University of Montreal. She has received a FCAR scholarship to complete the writing of her thesis on "La figure du lecteur dans les romans qukb6cois contemporains''. She belongs to a research group directed by Lise Gauvin, Y'ecrivain et la langue au Qukbec" and has contributed to an annotated bibliography, "LittCrature et langue parlee au Quebec 11". MARIE-HkLkNE LAVOIE is chercheure at the Centre d'etudes sur les medias (INRS-Culture et Societe): her research has focussed on Quebec journalism and Quebec talk radio. VkRONIQUE NGUYEN-DUY is a postdoctoral scholar teaching Cultural Studies at the Departement d'information et de communication at Laval University in Quebec City. Her recent work includes "Le teleroman quebkcois de 1980 ? 1993: i vers un dkcloisonnement des sunivers de discours"; she is a regular contributor to Qdbec Frunpis magazine. DAVID PRITCHARD is Associate Professor of Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The first American scholar to receive a Fulbright award for research in Quebec, he is completing a book about the Quebec Press Council.

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