Quebec Studies

Réévaluer Au Pied De La Pente Douce

Quebec Studies (1993), 17, (1), 151–168.


If criticism in Quebec still does not recognize the value of Au pied de la pente douce, it is mainly that until now too much importance has been given first to the final social integration of its main protagonist, and secondly to Lemelin's other works which by association have contaminated the originality of this particular novel. This essay demonstrates the "picaresque" essence of that book and its dialogism which translate the verbal and semantic decentralization of traditional and clerical ideologies. Another purpose of this article is to challenge the common assumption that the characters are without psychology. In fact, textual analysis shows that with Au pied de la pente douce, Québec literature reaches the real "romanesque" in revealing the mechanisms of desire.

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Tremblay, Victor-Laurent