Quebec Studies


Quebec Studies (1992), 14, (1), 151–152.


Québec Studies, No. 14, 1992 CONTRIBUTORS WILLIAM F. AVERYT is Director of Canada-U.S. Business Studies and Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Vermont. He is the author of three books, including Canada-U.S. Tehcommunications in a Global Context (1987), and editor of three additional volumes, including The CanadaU.S. Free Trade Agreement: Implications, Opportunities, and Challenges (1990), as well as numerous articles on business, energy, and economic issues concerning Canada and Québec. He received the Canadian Studies Senior Fellowship Award, 1990-1991, for research on Canada-U.S. hydroelectricity trade. ROBERT BERROUËT-ORIOL is a linguist by training and Director of educational programs, HAITI/PNUD/UNESCO, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He has published a number of essays on francophone literature and culture. His work in preparation includes a study of francophone and créolophone cultural and linguistic affiliations. ROBERT FOURNIER is Professor French Linguistics in the French department of Carleton University in Ottawa. He has edited the Revue québécoise de linguistique théorique et appliquée since 1981 and is the author of several publications on French Creole, French in the Americas, and regional French. He is working with Robert Berrouët-Oriol on francophone and créolophone cultural and linguistic affiliations; other work in progress includes an anthology on French Creole. SIMON HAREL is Professor of Literary Studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal. He has published several books and essays, including his highly praised Voleur de parcours (1989) and Vies et morts d'Artaud (1990). He has also edited L'Étranger dans tous ses états. Enjeux culturels et littéraires (in press). MICHAEL KLEMENTOWICZ is Associate Professor of French at Huron College of the University of Western Ontario. He has published an essay on the feminine monologue in the work of Michel Garneau and continues research on Garneau's drama and poetry. JOZEF KWATERKO is Associate Professor of French at the University of Warsaw in Poland. His publications include several articles on Ferron, Bessette, Godbout, and Ducharme, and a book, Le Roman québécois de I960 à 1975: idéologie et représentation littéraire (1989). He is currently writing about the images and function of the intellectual in Quebec culture and literature. DAVID LEAHY is a doctoral student in the humanities program at Concordia University. He has received a three-year research assistantship from SSHRC for a project on "L'identitaire and l'hétérogène dans la prose romanesque québécoise depuis 1940." He is currently completing an interdisciplinary, cultural studies thesis on the social discourses of ethnicity, gender, and class in Anglo-Canadian and Québécois fiction, 1939-59.

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