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Quebec Studies (1993), 16, (1), 145


Quebec Studies, No. 16, 1993 BRIEFLY NOTED Beaudet, Marie-Andree. Charles ab der Halden. Portrait d’un inconnu. Montreal: L’Hexagone, 1992. Pp. 234. This is the first biography of Charles ab der Halden who, in the first decade of this century, was the primary promoter of French Canadian literature in France. The author of numerous articles and two serious books on the literature of French Canada, ab der Halden was responsible for having Albert Lozeau’s L’Ame solitaire published in France and recognized Nelligan as a “genius.” His influence in Quebec was also considerable and, in 1906-1907, he engaged in a series of published polemical letters with Jules Foumier who had insisted that French Canadian literature did not exist. Beaudet’s book, which contains the letters involved in the exchange with Foumier as well as a selection of ab der Halden’s essays, is a significant contribution to our understanding of a little-known period of French Canadian literary history. (E.J.T.) Bourassa, Andre-G. and Jean-Marc Larue. Les nuits de la <

>: Cent ans de spectacles sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent (1891-1991). Montreal: VLB, 1993. Pp. 361. Andre Bourassa and Jean-Marc Larue provide a historical overview of a century of live performance on Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal, commonly known as “la Main.” Their survey includes not only serious main-line theater in French and English, but also Yiddish theater, Chinese opera, variety shows, operettas, burlesque, nightclub acts, and strip shows. The authors have identified over 100 establishments providing performances of some kind during this period in this multicultural street which, since the 1970s, has also become a home to experimental cinema, contemporary theater, and dance. The book includes a repertory of each significant building on the street, a generous bibliography, and an exhaustive index. A mine of information. (E.J.T.) Robert Hebert. Le ProcPs Guibord, ou l’interprktation des testes. Montreal: Triptyque, 1992. Pp. 196. H6bert’s book is not, as one might have hoped, a serious, historical analysis of “I’affaire Guibord” (1869-79, one of the less glorious moments in the history of the Church in Quebec, but rather a highly personalized commentary on the affair. After Joseph Guibord, a member of the lnstitut Canadien, was denied a Catholic burial by Bishop Bourget, his widow took the matter to civil court where Guibord’s case was argued by Joseph Doutre, a leading liberal of the period. While Hebert does not have much new light to shed on the affair, he does reproduce most of Doutre’s plaidoirie, a document of considerable interest. About half of the book consists of a “carnet du chercheur in which Hebert chronicles his own interest in the Guibord case and his indig nation at the treatment he received. The bibliography is excellent. (E.J.T.) Denis Vaugeois. Quebec 1792. Les acteurs, les institutions et les fiontieres. Montreal: Fides, 1992. Pp. 175. This volume commemorates the 200th anniversary of parliamentary institutions in Quebec. After a general history of Quebec since the conquest, Vaugeois narrates the events leading to the Constitutional Act of 1791. These include the movement towards parliamentarianism in the province and the debate in the British H o w of Commons. The election of 1792 is closely analyzed as is the work of the first assembly. The book is lavishly illustrated. (E.J.T.)

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