Quebec Studies

L'Interaction De L'Anecdote Et De L'Écriture: Le Double Exemple De Jovette Bernier (La Chair Decevante) Et Suzanne Lamy (La Convention)

Quebec Studies (1993), 17, (1), 143–149.


The critical resistance to Jovette Bernier's La Chair décevante (1931) and Suzanne Lamy's La Convention (1985) stem in both cases from an incomprehension of their formal boldness. This incomprehension is the result to the critical community's inability first to read these texts as producers of meaning before interpreting them as a function of the received ideas that these texts attempt to challenge.

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Bernier, Jovette. La Chair décevante. Montréal: Fides, 1982. La Chair décevante Google Scholar

Lamy, Suzanne. La Convention. Montréal: VLB, 1985. La Convention Google Scholar

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Roy, Fernand