Quebec Studies

Les Jeux Sont Défaits: Traduction Et Lucidité Chez Réjean Ducharme Et Gérard Bessette

Quebec Studies (1991), 13, (1), 79–85.


The situation of language contact in Québec has a number of creative consequences, particularly in the area of translation. In the work of Réjean Ducharme and Gérard Bessette, the process of translation is explored in terms of a playful manipulation of French and English. Both writers present English less as a linguistic threat than as a ludic opportunity, pointing to the esthetic possibilities of the macaronic. On a more general level, the writings of the two Québec authors point to the fundamental relationship between translation and play. The challenge for theoreticians of translation is to rescue the ludic from the realm of the exotic and situate it at the centre of any attempt to understand the nature of translation. In this respect, the literature of Québec points the way.

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