Quebec Studies

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Quebec Studies (1996), 21, (1), 2


2 Articles by Subject Acadia Américanité Anthropology Art Bibliographies Business Cinema Colonization Communications and Media Constitutional Reform Defense Economics Education Energy Environment Fiction (works of) Film First Nations Folklore Franco-Americans Francophonie Free Trade Gender and Gender Roles Health History French Regime (1534-1763) British Regime (1763-1867) 1867-1959 1960-present Homosexuality and Lesbianism Hydroelectricity Ideologies and Literature Nationalism Regionalism Immigration and Multiculturalism Intellectuals and Intellectual History Interviews Language and the Law and Literature Literature Criticism and Theory General Non-Fiction Novel and Short Stories Poetry Theater Literary History Literature - Ideology and Politics Literature and Translation Multiculturalism Music Nationalism Native People Natural Resources New England Politics Constitutional Reform Charlottetown Accords and 1992 Referendum Meech Lake Accords Elections and Political Parties International Relations Municipal Nationalism October Crisis (1970) and War Measures Act Sovereignty and 1980 Referendum Popular Culture Referenda Regionalism Religion Research Aids Sociology Sovereignty Sports Technology Translation Urban Studies Women's Studies

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