Quebec Studies


Quebec Studies (1996), 21, (1), 1


1 Foreword One month into the project, I naively expressed to Robbie Schwartzwald my belief that indexing Quebec Studies wouldn't require nearly the number of hours budgeted. Not wishing to discourage me, he simply warned, it's not over 'til it's over. A full year has passed, and as I put the finishing touches on this jour­ nal, I realize, with the unwanted gift of hindsight, that he was indeed right. The subject headings differ slightly for Book Reviews and Articles. Check the following page for a complete listing of each of the subject headings. Some of the subject headings which appear are merely cross-references. Since categorization is a subjective task, we recognize that individuals may occasionally be surprised at the omission or inclusion of a given article or book review. Every attempt was made to anticipate the needs of diverse researchers while aiming for a concise listing. This work represents many long hours: countless e-mail exchanges and phone calls between Robbie and me, long conversations with my husband who patiently adapted and re-adapted the database to the ever-evolving needs of the Index. I would therefore like to thank Robbie for offering me the project in the first place. I now have an intimate knowledge of this journal - so intimate, in fact, that I may never actually need to refer to the Index. He deserves addition­ al thanks for his incredible patience and good humor throughout. Secondly, I would like to thank my husband, Bill Tomczak, whose expert computer skills allowed for a far more flexible Index than any commercial product would have allowed. I am even more grateful to him for enduring my moments of panic and exasperation in front of the computer on many a wintry night and sum­ mer afternoon. My satisfaction lies in the knowledge that my work will ultimately make yours easier. Susan Kevra Brattleboro, Vermont July, 1996

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Kevra, Susan