Quebec Studies

Note to Contributors

Quebec Studies (2005), 39, (1), 136


136 Note to Contributors Quebec Studies publishes articles dealing with all aspects of Quebec society and Francophone Canadian culture. The editors of Quebec Studies welcome interpretive or theoretical essays, book reviews, and interviews in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. Interdisciplinary essays are particularly encouraged. Issues devoted in part to a single topic or major cultural figure will appear regularly and occasionally we will include pedagogical articles. Articles may be in English or French. Submissions should be 20 - 35 pages in length, including endnotes, typed double-spaced. When submitting an essay, a separate page should include the manuscript title and the author's name and address. In order to assure anonymity during the review process, the author's name should not appear on the manuscript. Submissions may be made electronically as an attachment. If a mail submission is preferred, please send three copies of the manuscript. Only manuscripts accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope will be returned, should we decline to publish a submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, an electronic copy will be required. Authors should use Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Contributors to Quebec Studies will also be asked to provide a short biographical note. A list of Works Cited (Ouvrages cités) should follow the article and endnotes, listing all works cited or explicitly referred to by the author. A Bibliography (Ouvrages consultés) of additional works consulted by the author may also follow, but these must be related directly to the article, and not of a general nature. Endnotes that merely identify the source of a citation are to be avoided, since such identification is to be done parenthetically in the main body of the text. In some cases, we will accept the citational style used by disciplines in the social sciences. Whether the essay is written in English or French, Quebec Studies requires that commas and periods be inside quotation marks. Articles returned to contributors for revision will be accompanied by a Style Sheet. It is the responsibility of the contributor to adhere scrupulously to the Style Sheet when preparing a final version of the manuscript. Manuscripts in the humanities should be addressed to the editor, Emile J. Talbot, University of Illinois, Department of French, 707 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 ( Manuscripts in the social sciences should be sent to the associate editor, Kevin J. Christiane University of Notre Dame, Department of Sociology, 443 Decio Faculty Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556-5654 ( Advertising, requests for back issues, and subscription requests should be addressed to ACQS Administrator Manon Bradley, Center for the Study of Canada, Plattsburgh State University, 133 Court Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (

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