Quebec Studies

Notes on Authors

Quebec Studies (2004), 38, (1), 113–114.


113 Notes on Authors Maxime Blanchard est professeur assistant de langue et littérature françaises au City College of The City University of New York. Il s'intéresse aux rapports entre littérature et politique dans les littératures française et québécoise du vingtième siècle. Paul Raymond Côté is Professor of French and head of the translation certificate program at American University (Washington, D.C.). Constantina Mitchell is Professor of French and Coordinator of French programs at Gallaudet University (Washington, D.C.). They both received their doctoral degrees from McGill University and have collaborated on a number of literary studies, including Shaping the Novel (Berghahn Books). They co-translated Cry of the Gull (Gallaudet UP), Deaf Planet (Infinity Publishing), Letter from Morocco (Michigan State UP), and 7 Nadia Wife of An Algerian Terrorist (U Nebraska P). They recently co-authored an historical novel titled Winter Passage taking place in eighteenth-century Québec and France (Behler Publications, 2005). Michel Lacroix est professeur de littérature française à l'Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Il poursuit des recherches sur les réseaux littéraires, les relations franco-québécoises du début du vingtième siècle, la représentation des sociabilités et la sociologie des réseaux. David Massell is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Vermont. He teaches United States and Canadian history, as well as Canadian-American relations and environmental history. He is the author of Amassing Power: J.B. Duke and the Saguenay River, 1897-1927 (McGill Queen's 2000). This article represents a slice of a broader study of the hydroelectric development of Quebec's Saguenay watershed through World War II. He serves on the editorial board of Québec Studies. Jane Moss is the Robert E. Diamond Professor of French and Women's Studies at Colby College. She has published numerous book chapters and journal articles on Québec and Francophone Canadian theater. A Past President of ACQS, she has served on the ACQS Executive Board since 1986 and is currently Vice-President of the Association internationale des études québécoises. In addition to her duties as Managing Editor of Québec Studies, she serves on the editorial boards of the American Review of Canadian Studies, the International Journal of Canadian Studies, and the French Review. She is Guest Editor of a special issue of Canadian Literature on Francophone Canadian writing outside Québec. Véronique Plesch est Associate Professor and Chair au département d'Art de Colby College. Elle est l'auteure à'Illuminating Words: The Artist's Books of Christopher Gausby (1999), Le Christ peint. Le cycle de la Passion dans les chapelles peintes du XVe siècle dans les États de Savoie (2004), Painter and Priest:

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