Quebec Studies

Presentation: Sharing Waters: The Challenge of Understanding the Other

Quebec Studies (2006), 42, (1), 1–6.


1 Presentation Sharing Waters: The Challenge of Understanding the Other Vincent Desroches Western Michigan University Sylvie Paquerot University of Ottawa On September 14 and 15, 2006, the Canadian Studies Program at Western Michigan University hosted a symposium on the Great Lakes Environment with the inviting title of "Shared Waters."1 This event presented an out­ standing opportunity to bring to the attention of US scholars the work of many colleagues working on issues related to the St. Lawrence River. To further this discussion, Sylvie Paquerot, now at University of Ottawa, and Vincent Desroches of Western Michigan University invited another set of scholars to propose the articles constituting this dossier, which presents the St. Lawrence River in relation to the Great Lakes environment from a vari­ ety of scholarly perspectives and draws on experts from six Québec uni­ versities. Amy Lovecraft, Frederic Lasserre, and Alexandre Brun also contributed in many ways to the preparation of the dossier. We are proud to offer this contribution to the debate. One of the long-standing obstacles for the circulation of knowledge be­ tween Québec, Canada, and United States has been the language barrier. Scholarly work published in English is widely read in Québec, but articles and books written in French do not usually influence the field in the United States. Articles in this issue are in both languages and we have included abstracts in translation to help the reader identify pertinent information. The language barrier or the separate institutional networks may ex­ plain why the research on the Great Lakes too often neglects to integrate the St. Lawrence in a more global perspective. We felt the need to address US scholars directly in order to provide a forum for distinct voices too often un­ heard and to suggest new, creative ways to advance solutions, to engage political bodies at local, national, and international levels, to compare leg­ islative initiatives, and so forth. Québec Studies, en tant que revue scientifique, publie des articles sur tous les sujets concernant les études québécoises. La part du lion, bien sûr, revient fréquemment à des articles portant sur la littérature et la culture, ce qui reflète assez fidèlement la composition des membres de Γ American Council for Québec Studies. Les québécistes étatsuniens se retrouvent en effet souvent dans des départements de français ou de langues étrangères. La situation inverse semble s'observer chez les canadianistes, comme le ré­ Québec Studies, Volume 42, Fall 2006/Winter 2007

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Desroches, Vincent

Paquerot, Sylvie