Quebec Studies

Editor's Note

Quebec Studies (2008), 45, (1), 1–2.


1 Editor's Note While Québec Studies has from its inception been open to the representation of scholarship on music, it has until now published but four articles in this field. This issue goes some way towards remedying this lack by publishing six articles on music, five of them in a special dossier on la chanson québécoise coordinated and introduced by our colleague Johanne Melançon of Laurentian University. We are grateful to her for her assistance in this enterprise. This rich dossier is complemented by Jean Nicolas de Surmont's essay on the use of song in the first half of the twentieth century as a pedagogical device for promoting traditional French-Canadian values. Additionally, we are pleased to offer our second article on Fernand Dumont, the late Québécois sociologist and philosopher whose work is increasingly attracting scholarly research. Julien Massicotte explores his legacy among contemporary Québec intellectuals. Our literary offerings include Élise Lepage's study of the critical reception (particularly its intertextual dimensions) of three canonical Québec novels in anglophone Canada, and Jonathan Livernois's inquiry into the movement to modernity in Pierre de Grandpré's La Patience des justes, which he sees as participating in a reflection of Québec society's difficult passage into adulthood. We conclude the issue with John Erik Fossum and David G. Haglund's essay exploring the proposal that the model for a separation of Québec from Canada could be Norway's seemingly uncomplicated separation from Sweden in 1905. The authors caution that the conditions prevailing and the institutions involved were very different than those obtaining in Québec and address further the question of the EU as a model for post-separation relations between Québec and Canada. This issue marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Québec Studies. This should be cause for celebration, but also an occasion for recognizing the many colleagues who, for a quarter of a century, have donated their time and energy by serving as editors and editorial board members as part of a group effort to develop a distinguished, internationally recognized journal. This issue also marks my last as editor. It has been an honor to have worked with Jane Moss as managing editor, Kevin Christiano as associate editor, and Vincent Desroches and Patrice Proulx as review editors. They have been responsible and generous colleagues. The journal will now be edited by Jane Moss who has been its managing editor for thirteen years. Well-known to members of ACQS and a highly respected scholar, she possesses a knowledge of Québec society that is both broad and deep. Québec Studies is indeed fortunate that she has agreed to lead it into its next quarter century.

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