Quebec Studies

Editor's Note

Quebec Studies (2006), 41, (1), 1–2.


1 Editor's Note Sometimes, life simply gets in the way of scholarship and we have to make alternate plans. This issue of Québec Studies is a case in point. While several of the special dossiers now in the works have been delayed, we are pleased to bring you an interesting array of articles, interviews, and book reviews in volume 41. J.P. Lewis offers a study of the practice of Englishspeaking prime ministers who appoint Francophones to their cabinets. According to Lewis's conclusions, Stephen Harper should take note that the time-honored practice does not always yield positive electoral results. Two interviews focus on well-known figures in contemporary Québécois culture. Christopher Jones engages in a wide-ranging conversation with the rap group Loco Locass, whose three members have won over fans with their poetry and their political message. Patrice J. Proulx follows up her article from Québec Studies 39 with an interview with Haitian-Québécoise Marie-Célie Agnant. Anne Brown's contribution is a sociological reading of Putain, Nelly Arcan's 2001 succès de scandale. Brown reads the novel in light of sociological, medical, and psychological studies of incest, sexual abuse, and prostitution. Catherine Dupuis-Morency explores the poetry of Alexis Lefrançois (nom de plume of novelist and translator Ivan Steenhout) in light of theories of literary mystifications proposed by critics Starobinski and Teandillou. As promised, this issue of Québec Studies includes another pedagogical forum. Jocelyn Létourneau, Marc Collin, and Paul Buck offer thematic and bibliographical suggestions for integrating Québec history into the curriculum. The Book Review section presents eight reviews of recent works on history, politics, immigrant writers, literary humor, early Franco-Ontarian theater, and a museum exhibit. This marks the début of Patrice J. Proulx as our new book review editor. Patrice, who teaches at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, has published widely on immigrant writing in France and Québec and she has edited several books (with her frequent collaborator Susan Ireland). We welcome Patrice to the editorial team at the same time we thank retiring book review editor Vincent Desroches for his fine work over the past few years. Jane Moss Managing Editor

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