Quebec Studies

Notes about the Authors

Quebec Studies (2009), 48, (1), 175–178.


175 Notes about the Authors Melissa Aronczyk is Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University. H e r w o r k has appeared in the International Journal of Communication, the Canadian Journal of Communication, Practicing Culture (Routledge 2007), and Invisible Culture, as well as in a variety of mainstream publications. S h e is currently at w o r k on two writing projects: Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Perspectives on Promotional Culture (Peter Lang), and "Branding the Nation: Mediating Space, Value and Identity in Global Culture." She completed her P h D in 2009 in the Department of Media, Culture, and C o m m u n i c a t i o n at N e w York University. Maeve Conrick is D e a n of Arts and Vice-Head of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Social Sciences at University College Cork, National University of Ireland Cork. S h e holds a Doctorate in Linguistics from the U n i v e r s i t é de P r o v e n c e , A i x - M a r s e i l l e 1. R e s e a r c h interests i n c l u d e Sociolinguistics, L a n g u a g e Policy, Canadian and Q u é b e c Studies. Her publications include b o o k s with University of Ottawa Press and Peter Lang and articles in International Journal of Francophone Studies and British Journal of Canadian Studies. S h e is a recipient of the Prix du Québec and, in 2009, was appointed as a Specialist Advisor to the U K H o u s e of C o m m o n s . François Harvey a rédigé une thèse de doctorat portant sur les relations génériques et médiatiques chez Hubert Aquin et Alain Robbe-Grillet. Il a de plus publié des articles dans le m a g a z i n e culturel Spirale et dans Études littéraires. Boursier postdoctoral (FQRSC), il poursuit ses recherches sur la littérature québécoise à l'université Ludwig-Maximillian de Munich. Erin Hurley teaches at McGill University. In spring 2010, the University of Toronto Press will publish her b o o k National Performance: Representing Quebec from Expo 67 to Céline Dion, winner of the N E M L A Annual B o o k Award. Her 2008 special issue on "les arts de la scène au Q u é b e c " for Globe (11.2) garnered a 'Special Mention' for its overall excellence from the Jean-Cléo Godin Prize committee of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research. H e r article on Céline D i o n ' s "Americanness," first delivered at the McGill Institute for the Study of C a n a d a ' s "Are We A m e r i c a n ? " conference organized by Will Straw, appears in the Revista Mexicana de Estudios Canadienses. Forthcoming is an essay on N a n c y Huston's controversial Governor General's Award in Changing the Terms (U of Michigan P, 2009). Susan Ireland is a Professor of French at Grinnell College. Her research interests include contemporary French fiction, Q u é b e c w o m e n writers, the Algerian novel, and the literature of immigration in France and Québec. She has published articles in these areas in journals such as L'Esprit Créateur, Québec Studies, and Nottingham French Studies. S h e is also an editor of The Feminist Encyclopedia of French Literature (Greenwood, 1999) and, with

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