Quebec Studies

Robert Choquette's Metropolitan Museum and the Problematization of History

Quebec Studies (2011), 51, (1), 65–78.


65 Robert Choquette's Metropolitan Museum and the Problematization of History Emile J. Talbot University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign In the history of Québec poetry, the publication of Robert Choquette's Metropolitan Museum in 1931 marks a notable event whose significance has rarely been assessed. Issued in a limited luxury edition with woodcuts by Edwin Holgate (an edition that sold for $46,000 at an auction in April 2008), it was greeted with enthusiasm in France and in both French and English Canada. The French reaction is expressed by Pierre Dupuy who affirmed in his review in Mercure de France that Choquette was "un lyrique qui peut être classé parmi les meilleurs de la poésie française" and that this volume was "le meilleur poème de la littérature canadienne" (227). Choquette, he fur­ ther asserted, "enrichit à la fois les lettres canadiennes et les lettres fran­ çaises" (231). Louis Dantin, then the leading French-Canadian critic, awarded the poem an eleven-page review, calling it "une œuvre d'art mûr" (87), while Albert Pelletier considered that it was richer in thought and image than "toute la poésie canadienne" (7). Claude-Henri Grignon, writ­ ing under the pseudonym of Des Esseintes, called it "un poème lyrique d'une étonnante magnificence" meriting its author "une des premières places dans la poésie française au Canada" (24). It was, added Henri Gi­ rard, "une œuvre de première valeur, un poème unique dans la langue fran­ çaise d'aujourd'hui" (17). Writing in The Canadian Forum, Leo Cox hailed its "ambitious scope" and "its great import to Canadian letters" (105). For Cox, Metropolitan Museum "is a distinctly original piece of work" and "one of the finest poems in the annals of Canadian letters," placing Choquette "defi­ nitely first among French-Canadian poets" (105). Yet, with the exception of Jeanne Paul-Crouzet's discussion in 1946, Gérard Bessette's brief, disap­ pointing, presentation of its tropes in 1967, and a solid entry by Renée Legris in the Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires du Québec (1980), subsequent criticism has tended to marginalize the work. The highly and justly ac­ claimed Histoire de la littérature québécoise (2007) awards it but one (mis­ leading) sentence (Biron et al. 225). Prior to Metropolitan Museum, Choquette had self-published a volume of poetry, À travers les vents (1925), containing verse he had written as a stu­ dent at Loyola College in Montreal. Choquette was but twenty when he issued this volume, which was well received by the critical establishment in Québec to the extent of meriting a second edition in 1927, accompanied by a preface by Henri d'Arles, then a critic of note. As Marcel Dugas, writing in 1929 observed, however, Choquette's collection looks backward to Ro­ manticism and breaks no new poetic ground, as had, for example, JeanAubert Loranger earlier in the decade (Dugas 187). While demonstrating a broad metric range, Choquette displays his great reverence for the poetic tradition as renewed by the French Romantics whose practice he attempts Québec Studies, Volume 51, Spring/Summer 2011

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