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Quebec Studies (2014), 58, (1), 153–168.


Book Reviews Edited by Patrice Proulx Book Reviews History, Culture, and Politics KENNEDY, JAMES. Liberal Nationalisms: Empire, State, and Civil Society in Scotland and Quebec. Montreal and Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013. Pp. x + 322. ISBN-13: 978-0-7735-3898-6. This richly documented study compares forms of nationalism that operated in Scotland and Québec across the years that straddle the close of the nineteenth century and the opening of the twentieth, or from the start of the Second Boer War in Africa in 1899 to the outbreak of World War I across Europe in 1914. The author, political sociologist James Kennedy, acknowledges previous inquiries juxtaposing “stateless nations” such as Québec with one of the peripheral British Isles. Notably, these precedents include Michael Keating’s three-way view in Nations against the State: The New Politics of Nationalism in Quebec, Catalonia and Scotland (1996 and 2001; translated into French in 1997 as Les défis du nationalisme moderne: Québec, Catalogne, Écosse) and Garth Stevenson’s book on Québec and Ireland, Parallel Paths: The Development of Nationalism in Ireland and Quebec (2006). However, such studies have mostly relied on broad cross-national comparisons. In contrast, Kennedy in this volume strives to extract a general historical lesson from a detailed examination of two specific movements that he identifies as “the most influential […] carriers of nationalism” (4) in each location: in Scotland the Young Scots’ Society, and in Québec the Ligue nationaliste canadienne. The key figures in these nationalist movements were urban professionals, young and socially mobile, and (it probably goes without saying, given their period) exclusively male (19). The book begins with a wide-ranging review, tightly succinct yet Québec Studies, 58 doi:10.3828/qs.2014.24

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