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Quebec Studies (2012), 53, (1), 1


1 Editor's Note This is a busy time for Québec Studiesl Several special dossiers are in the works and a good number of hors-thème articles have been submitted in re­ cent months. Thanks to the hard work of Kevin Christiano we have seen a significant increase in the social science content of the journal, including the important dossier on contemporary religious practice in volume 52. This issue presents a special dossier on "Les Fictions de la francoaméricanité" compiled by Jean Morency of l'Université de Moncton and Jimmy Thibeault of l'Université Sainte-Anne. While I will let their excellent prefatory text introduce this collection of articles, I am pleased to note that this dossier brings together articles on Franco-Canadian and Franco-Ameri­ can topics, as well as Amerinidian writers and Floribécois (Québécois in Florida). The Social Sciences are not overlooked in this issue. There is James Trepanier's article dealing with the history of the dispute between the Ordre de Jacques Cartier and the Knights of Columbus. This study complements the dossier on franco-américanité in that it considers the relationship be­ tween the Franco-American experience and French-Canadian nationalism. Alexandre Pelletier and Philippe Cousineau-Morin's article analyzes the "mémoires" submitted to the Bouchard-Taylor Commission by various civil society groups during the reasonable accommodations debate and tells us much about the uneasy nature of intercultural relations in contemporary Québec. We encourage ACQS members to think about proposing special dos­ siers based on panels for the upcoming ACQS conference in Sarasota, but individual articles are always welcome. On a somber note, the ACQS officers and Québec Studies editors (past and present) want to pay tribute to Marjorie Fitzpatrick, former Book Re­ view Editor of Québec Studies and a loyal and early supporter of ACQS and ACSUS. Many of us at the ACSUS Conference in Ottawa this past Novem­ ber were shocked and saddened to hear about her untimely death. And I end, as usual, expressing my gratitude to my outstanding edi­ torial team — Kevin Christiano, Roseanna Dufault, Patrice Proulx — and the many anonymous reviewers who devote their time to assisting us in publishing the journal. I also thank Danielle Beaupré at the ACQS Secre­ tariat in Orono for her hard work. Jane Moss

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