Quebec Studies

Editor’s Note

Quebec Studies (2015), 59, (1), 1–2.


Editor’s Note Editor’s Note This issue of Québec Studies opens with a special dossier on “Women’s Writing and Filmmaking in Québec,” compiled and presented by a distinguished pair of UK scholars, Bill Marshall and Gill Rye. The articles cover a variety of genres and authors and point to the diversity of critical approaches to the cultural production of women. The dossier comes out of a May 2013 conference at the University of London, which brought doctoral and post-doctoral students (Mariève Maréchale, Sarah Henzi, Evelyne Ledoux-Beaugrand) together with more experienced scholars ( Julie Rodgers, Rachel Killick). ACQS members will find it interesting to see how Québec literary studies have expanded beyond North America. The four articles that make up the rest of the volume display the same breadth of Québec cultural production and mix of new and familiar scholarly voices. Tara Smithson reads Roch Carrier’s La Guerre, Yes Sir! as a narrative of decolonization with particular emphasis on the soldier’s corpse as a symbol of the national body. Nancy Arenberg analyzes Monique Bosco’s La Femme de Loth in light of the author’s childhood experience of traumatic loss as an Austrian Jew forced into exile by Nazi policies. Jane Koustas examines how three productions by Robert Lepage represent the First Nations presence by reinforcing romantic stereotypes of the Noble Savage. Tom Carr presents an annoted transcription of a previously unknown 1711 text by two hospital nuns at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec, which may be Canada’s first literary fiction. *** Earlier this year, the Québec Studies community was distressed to learn of the Couillard government’s decision to cut funding for the Association internationale des études québécoises. Over the years, Robert Laliberté, Francesca Bourgault, and AIÉQ have been our partners and collaborators in promoting the academic study of Québec and building networks of scholars. The financial support Québec Studies, 59 doi:10.3828/qs.2015.1

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