Quebec Studies

Editor's Note: Canada in Translation

Quebec Studies (2010), 50, (1), 1–2.


1 Editor's Note: Canada in Translation This special issue on translation has been compiled, reviewed, and edited by Louise H. Forsyth and Jane M. Koustas, two Canadians who are both literary translators and scholars. I am deeply indebted to them for the ex­ traordinary effort they made to see this project to completion. I am also in­ debted to a number of anonymous translation experts who were willing to review the submissions and make constructive suggestions for revisions. This was a long process, but we are very proud of the results. Since Louise H. Forsyth has written a very complete "Introduction" to the volume, it makes no sense for me to write a presentation of my own. I am sure that you will be convinced by her argument that translational practices are important in Canada because they have the potential to chip away at distorted images of the Self and Other and to facilitate true intercultural dialogue. I invite you to enjoy these articles and their exploration of the work of translation from New Brunswick to Alberta, en passant par le Québec.

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