Quebec Studies

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Quebec Studies (2018), 66, (1), 1–2.


Editor’s Note Editor’s Note This volume of Québec Studies presents seven articles on a variety of topics that reflects the array of disciplines embraced by the journal, beginning with politics, film, and popular culture. Stéphane Paquin outlines the multiple ways in which the Government of Québec practices forms of “identity paradiplomacy,” carving out for itself a significant niche on the international stage as a model for other sub-national bodies. Philippe Gauthier examines two films by the significant filmmaker and videographer, Robert Morin, explaining how Quiconque meurt, meurt à douleur (1998) and Le neg’ (2002) reflect the narrative strategies of verbal culture. Jonathan Gosnell shares his archival research on the role of baseball in the construction of FrancoAmerican identity in New England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The four literary studies presented here all analyze a single novel, one a classic of the Quiet Revolution, but three on recent novels by writers of rising significance whose work merits scholarly attention. Nadra Hebouche offers an ecocritical analysis of Governor General’s Award-winning writer Louis Hamelin’s novel Le joueur de flûte (2001). Hervé Tchumkam sheds new light on Hubert Aquin’s Prochain episode (1965), examining how it aestheticizes politics and revisits the notion of failure and incompletion. Simone Grossman presents the historical novel Une Juive en Nouvelle-France (2000) by Pierre Lasry, studying its representation of its young, female Jewish protagonist in relation to Québec’s identity question. Finally, Nancy Arenberg reads playwright Marie Laberge’s first novel, Juillet (1989), through the lens of Racinian theatrical conventions. In addition to its usual brief reviews of significant new publications, the Book Review section introduces an extended form with Jimmy Thibeault’s review essay on the three French-language nominees for the 2017 Prix Gabrielle Roy, awarded by the Association for Canadian and Québécois Literatures/Association des littératures canadiennes et québécoises. Reviews on an array of topics related to Québec and Francophone North America include studies of literature ( Jack Québec Studies, 66

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