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Quebec Studies (2015), 60, (1), 1–2.


Editor’s Note Editor’s Note This issue of Québec Studies presents the first special dossier compiled and edited by Denis Provencher and Charles Batson, the organizers of the October 2014 “Queer Québec Colloquium” held in conjunction with the Montreal biennial ACQS Conference. Charles and Denis offer a poignant presentation of the dossier, which is both personal and scholarly. They explain how the Queer Québec Colloquium came to be, describe their own engagement with the burgeoning field of francophone Québec Queer Studies, analyze the contributions made by two of the conference plenary speakers, and then introduce the four articles they have selected for inclusion in the first special dossier. The following two articles delve into the history of the thorny issues of religion and nationalist politics in Québec. David G. Haglund and Jonathan Lu explain how U.S. President Thomas Jefferson became embroiled in the heated debated over the proposed Québec Charter of Values. Jefferson’s oft-quoted comments about the “wall of separation” between Church and State were cited by commentators and politicians on both sides of the debate. David Palmieri’s article traces the intellectual journey of poet, essayist-publisher Gaston Miron from traditional Catholic to militant sovereigntist, paying special attention to his readings and the crucial years Miron spent in Paris. Our new Book Review Editor, Amy J. Ransom, has compiled five reviews with penetrating analyses of recent publications on literature, visual culture, the Franco-American community of Suncook, New Hampshire, and immigration and diversity. Bonne lecture! Jane Moss Duke University Québec Studies, 60 doi:10.3828/qs.2015.13

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Moss, Jane