Quebec Studies

Notes on Contributors

Quebec Studies (2018), 65, (1), 185–186.


Notes on Contributors Notes on Contributors Notes on Contributors N. Christine Brookes is professor of French at Central Michigan University and Interim Associate Dean of the College of Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences. As a cultural historian, she looks at questions of cultural exchanges, primarily between France and Russia, France and the U.S., and, more recently, France and Mexico. She published The French Face of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Monsieur de l’Aubépine & His Second-Empire Critics with Michael Anesko (Ohio State University Press, 2011) and is currently researching a small town in France’s southern Alps, Barcelonnette, the self-designated “most Mexican town” in France. Matthieu Dalle is associate professor of French at the University of Louisville. His research interests include French media, cinema, and popular culture. He has published articles on the French radios libres movement, Nouvelle Vague cinema, popular music, and bande dessinée. He is currently working on a book-length manuscript on the representations of French society in films of the 1970s, titled Ciné-malaise: 1970s French Society on Screen. Patrick Lacroix a obtenu son doctorat à la University of New Hampshire en 2017. Il enseigne présentement l’histoire à l’Université Bishop’s (Sherbrooke, Québec). Ses recherches ont notamment paru dans Histoire sociale/Social History, les Annales canadiennes d’histoire, The International History Review, et The Catholic Historical Review. Oriel C. L. MacLennan is a reference and collections librarian in the Killam Memorial Library at Dalhousie University. She has been MarieClaire Blais’s bibliographer since 1988, with two compilations completed, one in print (ECW Press, 1998) and one in electronic deposit in DalSpace (2016). She has also written on Blais’s literary and artistic development as reflected in diaries, correspondence, and archival collections, publishing in the Journal of Canadian Studies and Canadian Slavonic Papers. She assisted in the founding of Belphégor: littératures populaires et culture médiatique, Dalhousie’s first electronic-only journal. Québec Studies, 65

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