Quebec Studies

Notes from the Editors

Quebec Studies (2017), 64, (1), 1–2.


Notes from the Editors Notes from the Editors Québec Studies 64 offers the second group of articles in a special dossier on literature since 2000 edited by Kirsty Bell. Using Rawi Hage’s Cockroach as an example, Marie Leconte examines how the translation of Anglo-Québécois novels into French reveals the cultural boundaries between the two language communities. David Laporte proposes a reading of Mathieu Handfield’s Vers l’est as a parody of the road novel genre. David Bélanger examines another popular novelistic genre, the academic novel, and suggests the heavy influence that Literary Studies exerts on contemporary writing. Kirsty Bell’s contribution explores how graphic effects become literary devices contributing to discourses on literary creation in Daniel Canty’s Wigrum. The second special dossier of Québec Studies 64 has been compiled and edited by Ginette Chenard, co-president of UQAM’s Observatoire sur les États-Unis, who has enlisted some of her colleagues to examine the Trump presidency at the six-month point from the Québec perspective. Well-known experts such as Guy Lachapelle, Richard Ouellet, Élisabeth Vallet, and Francis Langlois focus on renegotiating NAFTA, refugees and the border, and the gun rights debate. To make these analyses more accessible to Anglophones, all but one are written are English. I am grateful to Ginette and all of the contributors for completing this dossier in a very short time period. While Chenard and her social scientist colleagues analyze the political and economic impact of the Trump presidency, Book Review Editor Amy J. Ransom offers here below some brief comments on how a recent Québec film is revising the popular view of relations with the U.S. Reflections on evolving U.S.–Canadian relations after watching Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 Québec’s film industry has produced a number of excellent politically engaged comedies. While these often include in-jokes that escape the average non-Canadian – and even non-Québécois – viewer, political Québec Studies, 64

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