Quebec Studies

Notes on Compilers

Quebec Studies (2012), 54, (2), 93–94.


93 93 Notes on Compilers Stephan Gervais is Coordinator of Québec Studies at McGill University. He has for many years been involved in teaching French as a second / for­ foreign language, with a special interest in the cultural component of language teaching. His research interest includes ethnocultural ethnocultural diversity, citizenship, and language issues in Canada. He has co-edited (with D. Lamoureux and D. Karmis) the book Du tricoté D. tricoté serré serré au métissé métissé serré serré (PU Laval, 2008). He edited the special issue of the McGill McGill Journal Journal of ofEducation Education42. 42.3,3,on onthe thefor­ fortieth anniversary of the Québec Ministry of Education. He has recently coedited the book Quebec Quebec Questions: Questions:Quebec QuebecStudies Studiesininthe theTwenty-First Twenty-First Century Century (Oxford UP, 2011, 2011, with C. Kirkey and J. Rudy). He is a founding founding member of of the journal Globe: Globe: Revue Revueinternationale internationaled'études d'étudesquébécoises. québécoises.HeHe is iscurrently currently working on a book on Native Peoples in Québec (with A. Beaulieu and M. Papillon, PU Montréal), a French edition of Quebec Quebec Question: Question:Quebec QuebecStudies Studies in the Twenty-First in Twenty-First Century s (PU Montréal), and the history of ethnicity in Québec (with M.A. Poutanen and R. Iacovino). Iacovino). Christopher Kirkey is Director of the Center for the Study of Canada and Christopher Institute on Québec Studies at State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, where he holds a concurrent position as Professor of Political Plattsburgh, Political Science. He also holds an appointment appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor at the School School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and serves on the editorial boards of the American American Review ReviewofofCanadian CanadianStudies Studiesand and Québec Studies. Quebec Studies. A scholar of comparative foreign policy and international relations theory, his recent works include the co-edited special issue (with Michael Hawes) "Canada in a Unipolar World?: New directions in Canadian foreign policy," of Canadian CanadianForeign ForeignPolicy Policy Journal Journal (18.1, (18.1, 2012), 2012), thethe co-edited special issue (with André Senécal) "CONNECT "CONNECT - New Voices on Canada," of the American American Review Review of Canadian Canadian Studies Studies (42.2, 2012), the coedited special issue (with Kenneth Holland) "Canada's Commitment to Afghanistan" of the American American Review ReviewofofCanadian CanadianStudies Studies(40.2,2010), (40.2,2010),and andthe the co-edited book (with Stephan Gervais and Jarrett Rudy) Quebec Quebec Questions: Questions: Quebec Studies Quebec Studiesinin the theTwenty-First Twenty-FirstCentury Century (Oxford (Oxford UP, UP,2011). 2011). He is currently working on several projects: a French language edition of Quebec of Quebec Questions Questionswith with Gervais Gervais and and Rudy Rudy (PU (PU Montréal); Montréal); aa book book volume volume (with Michael Hawes) on Canadian foreign policy in a unipolar world; a conference (with Gervais, Rudy, David Meren, and Stéphane Roussel) Roussel) titled Québecand Québec andthe theWorld: World:Foundations, Foundations,World World Regions, Regions, Actors Actors & Issues & Issues andand corre­ corresponding book volume; and a conference (with Kenneth Holland) titled titled Canadaand Canada andAfghanistan: Afghanistan:AA Political, Political,Diplomatic, Diplomatic,Security, Security,Economic Economic and and Social Social Assessment and corresponding Assessment corresponding special issue of the International International Journal. Journal. Jarrett Rudy is an Associate Professor in the Department of History and Classical Studies at McGill University where he teaches Québec and Cana­ Canadian History. He is the author of The The Freedom FreedomtotoSmoke: Smoke:Tobacco Tobacco Consumption Consumption and Identity (McGill-Queen's and (McGill-Queen's UP, 2005) as well as articles in the Journal Journalof of the the

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