Quebec Studies

Notes on Contributors

Quebec Studies (2012), 54, (2), 91–92.


91 91 Notes on Contributors Stéphanie Cox teaches Languages, Literary and Cultural Studies on Francophone North America, including Québec, Acadia, Louisiana in the French and Francophone Studies Department and the Cross-Cultural Studies Department at Carleton College. College. She also teaches about France's relationship with its banlieues banlieues and andcompares comparessocial socialand andimmigration immigrationissues issues between between Paris and Montreal. She has published articles on the works of Ying Chen as comparative studies with other authors like Linda Lê Le whose works emphasize a transnational voice speaking from the border zones. She is embracing contemporary visual culture and collaborating on an interactive and educational graphic novel for iPad. Kathryn M. Droske is a doctoral student of French at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. She completed her M.A. in French at the same institution in the spring of 2011. Kathryn spent the fall semester of 2011 in Montreal researching the archives and novels of Gabrielle Roy with 2011 the support of a Québec research grant from AIEQ, AIEQ ACQS, and MRI. MRI. Kathryn's current research engages with the epistolary tradition of Québec, including letters in fiction as well as historical correspondence. Rosa Jung-Hwa Hong received her M.A. in French literature at the Université de Tours, France, and Ph.D. in French literature at the University of Toronto. She teaches French language, French and Francophone literaof ture and culture courses at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Her current research focus on migrant writing in francophone literature, French as aa second language pedagogy, and Experiential Learning. Her latest research and publications are in the area of migrant writing in Aki Shimazaki and Ook Chung's novels and Experiential Learning in French language teachOok ing and learning such as Google Earth as a French learning tool. Danielle Jouët-Pastré enseigne dans le département département de langues, littératures, et cultures de l'Université d'Albany. Elle détient une maîtrise en histoire de l'Université de Sâo Paulo au Brésil et un doctorat en études françaises de l'Université d'Albany. Sa recherche porte sur les récits de filiation et les discours sur l'appartenance dans la littérature québécoise contemporaine. Denver Lewellen is the 2011-2012 Visiting Fulbright Research Chair in Society and Culture in the Sociology and Social Anthropology Department at Dalhousie University. A medical anthropologist, Dr. Lewellen has been an investigator on studies related to the impact of health care restructuring restructuring on persons with HIV in Canada and the United States, the health care experiences of World War II veterans, and brief interventions for the homeless mentally ill. Babacar M'Baye is Associate Associate Professor of English and Pan-African studies at Kent State University. Babacar's Babacar's research interests are varied and in-

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