Quebec Studies

Notes on Contributors

Quebec Studies (2016), 61, (2), 171–173.


Notes on Contributors Notes on Contributors Notes on Contributors Yulia Bosworth is Assistant Professor of French in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Binghamton University. Her main research area is French linguistics with a concentration in phonology and a particular focus on Québécois French. Her recent interests have been extended to include topics in Québec Studies, especially the sociolinguistic status of Québécois French. She coordinates the French Language and Linguistics major track, within which she teaches a number of courses with a substantial Québec component. She is also the Director of Understanding Modern Québec, a faculty-led summer program in Québec City. Komla Dzigbede is a Carolyn M. Young doctoral fellow in public policy at the Georgia State University. Komla’s research interests span topics in public finance, applied microeconomics, macroeconomic policy, and international development. His doctoral dissertation centers on sub-sovereign bonds; it investigates networks and borrowing costs in debt issuance, issuers’ strategic debt refinancing choices, and regulatory disclosure interventions in markets. Komla holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics and previously worked as an economist at the Central Bank of Ghana. Isabelle Fournier est doctorante en Littérature française à l’Université de Buffalo, sous la direction de Jean-Jacques Thomas. Le titre provisoire de sa thèse est «La considération éthique des êtres non humains dans la sciencefiction québécoise.» Ses recherches portent sur la littérature québécoise, l’écocritique, et la bioéthique. Elle possède aussi un Certificat en Études canadiennes de l’Université de Buffalo, ainsi qu’une Maîtrise en Traduction de l’Université Laval. Actuellement, elle enseigne le français des deux côtés de la frontière: à l’Université Brock et à l’Université de Buffalo. Stéphan Gervais is the coordinator of Québec Studies and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal at McGill University. His research interests include ethnocultural diversity, citizenship, and language issues in Québec. He is the co-editor (with Christopher Kirkey and Jarrett Rudy) Québec Studies, Supplemental Issue doi:10.3828/qs.2016.s9

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