Quebec Studies

Fostering New Scholarship on Québec

Quebec Studies (2012), 54, (2), 3–6.


3 3 Fostering New Scholarship Scholarship on Québec* Québec* Stephan Gervais, Christopher Kirkey, Jarrett Rudy This collection collection of essays, made possible through a major Quebec Research Research Initiative grant from the Ministère des Relations Relations internationales du Québec, is the result of a long-term institutional partnership is partnership between the Institute on Québec Studies at SUNY Plattsburgh and the Québec Studies Program at McGill University. That partnership, partnership, dating daring back to 2007, is foremost dedicated to expanding the range of available scholarship on Québec for academic, government, business communities, and the general public. We are driven by a desire to advance new and exciting research projects on Québec (including the 2011 Oxford University Press book publication, Quebec Quebec QuesQuestions: Quebec tions: QuebecStudies Studiesfor forthe theTwenty-First Twenty-FirstCentury) Century)that thatbring bringtogether togetheremergemerging and senior scholars. The special issue of Québec The Québec Studies Studiesbefore before you you was was conceived conceived with with aa singular goal in mind: to identify the work of new scholars — doctoral candidates and junior professors — on Québec and to showcase their originality, insights, and talent. To realize this goal, we issued a call for papers in March 2010; 2010; a peer review committee was convened in Montreal in June to review and rank order some thirty-five submissions. Candidates were ultimately selected to participate in the November 3, 2010 2010 Québec Studies colloquium convened in Burlington, Vermont. To facilitate facilitate careful discussion, draft papers were circulated to all participants in advance of the colloquium and a variety of scholars from Canada and the United States were secured to review each work and prepare a commentary on the submitted contribution. Following the colloquium, all essays were returned to the authors for revisions — revisions, that in addition to the scholarly commentary delivered in Burlington, also included detailed evaluations from Gervais, Kirkey, Kirkey, and Rudy. The revised essays were then re-submitted to us, double-checked for all necessary revisions, and ultimately submitted to us, Jane Moss at Québec Québec Studies Studieswhere where each each paper paper then then underwent underwent aa formal, formal,exexternal blind peer-review. As you can see, this process has been decidedly process rich. This collection collection is proud to highlight the scholarly efforts of Kathryn Droske, Babacar Babacar M'Baye, co-authors Stephanie Cox and Jung-Hwa Rosa Hong, Danielle Jouët-Pastré, and Denver Denver Lewellen. Il est fort intéressant de constater à quel point ces nouvelles voix de la recherche en études québécoises sont au diapason des enjeux sociaux qui traversent le Québec actuel. À vrai dire, les article rassemblés dans ce numéro propose non seulement À des analyses éclairantes sur les enjeux identitaires et d'appartenance d'appartenance au Québec mais ouvrent également de nouvelles pistes de recherches pour étudier et comprendre ces enjeux. Kathryn Droske's article explores issues of race and identity in Germaine Guèvremont's Le Survenant. Survenant. By focusing on Blanche Varieur, a character who never speaks or appears in the book and is rarely discussed in Special Issue, Fall 2012

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Gervais, Stéphan

Kirkey, Christopher

Rudy, Jarrett