Quebec Studies

Representation and Action

Quebec Studies (2016), 61, (2), 1–6.


Representation and Action Representation and Action Christopher Kirkey, Jarrett Rudy and Stéphan Gervais SUNY College at Plattsburgh Jarrett Rudy McGill University Stéphan Gervais McGill University The Institute on Quebec Studies at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh and the Quebec Studies Program at McGill University are pleased, for the third time in the past five years, to offer a special issue of Québec Studies committed to featuring exemplary scholarship on Québec by new scholars. Our mission during this period has remained consistent: to cultivate and showcase original interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary works on Québec by emerging academics. The results contained in this issue emerged from a 15 October 2014 Québec Studies colloquium convened at McGill’s Thomson House. Undertaken in collaboration with the American Council for Québec Studies, the colloquium featured insightful, constructive scholarly interchanges amongst all participants (with multiple commentators from the McGill faculty evaluating each paper), with the aim of producing revised manuscripts to be sent subsequently to Jane Moss, editor of Québec Studies, for blind peer review. We believe that readers will find the seven articles that comprise this special issue to be of outstanding quality. The disciplinary range, methodological sophistication, theoretical analysis, and qualitative and quantitative empirical evidence represented in these works are testimony to the research commitment on Québec currently being championed across higher education. In addition to providing compelling individual inquiries, these articles provoke important comparative and international dimensions, while simultaneously Québec Studies, Supplemental Issue doi:10.3828/qs.2016.s1

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Kirkey, Christopher

Rudy, Jarrett

Gervais, Stéphan