Labour History

“Lock up Holt, Throw away Ky”: The Visit to Australia of Prime Minister Ky, 1967

Labour History (2015), 109, (1), 55–74.


Nguyen Cao Ky’s trip to Australia in January 1967 was politically contentious and morally ambiguous. It threw a sharp spotlight on the vast deployment of state resources by a democratic government to protect a representative of a military junta. This article analyses, for the first time, Ky’s visit. It will examine the circumstances, the preparations, and the reception, both officially and on the streets. It will also examine the elaborate security arrangements and their impact on the character and efficacy of the anti-Ky protest movement.

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1.It is outside the scope of this article to examine the bitter ructions within the Labor Party and, especially, between Calwell and Whitlam, over the anti-Ky demonstrations, or their role in the imminent leadership contest (Calwell retired on 8 February) between Whitlam and Dr Cairns. SeePhillip Deery, “Arthur’s Last Hurrah: Calwell, Whitlam and the Ky Visit to Australia,” Recorder: Official Organ of the Melbourne Branch of ASSLH, no. 283(July2015):1–3. Google Scholar

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