Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1960), 16, (1), 5–7.


- 5 lilt gives me great pleasure to declare the Library officially re-opened." _ ANOTHbR LIVING TO KARL WLA&"'\ ...._",._- --- MONUMENT -_ _--_.It was with great interest and pleasure that ~e received the news that a Karl Marx Museum wa s b~ing opened in Karlovy Vary (formerly Karlsbad), in Czechoslovakia, in the house known as ,lIrhe Golden Key:", where Marx took his daughter Eleanor to be treated by Dr. 1i'erdinand El.ec kl.e s , son of the Dr. Leopold Fleckles who treated Marx himself. On receipt of a letter of good wishes from our Library, accompanied by a photograph of the monument to Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery and other material, the Director, Comrade M. Leblova, replied expressing the warm wishes of the Museum, and presenting us with three handsome photographs of the exterior and interior of the building. These photographs, mounted, were on show at the re-opening of our Library on September 3rd, and aroused both the admiration and the evvy of our members. "The Golden Key:", we are told, has been been reconstructed in the last year. Three rooms are devoted to a permanent exhibition, based on the short biography of Marx in the Soviet Encyclopaedia; the work having been carried out jointly by the Institute of the History of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the Lenin Museum in Prague and the Municipal Museum in Karlovy Vary. Tho Museum allows the use of its premises to political courses, which are held in the stuqy on the ground floor; and it also gives lectures on Marx's visit to Karlovy Vary and on the labour movement in the region. It was opened, most fittingly, on the birthday of Karl Marx, May 5th, the opening forming part of the celebrations of the 15th anniveraary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from fascism. It has been mutually agreed to maintain the contact thus happily made, i~the confidence that this will be of great help to us both. ----- _._----A SHAIVIEFUL '--"~--- ANNIVERSARY A century ago on October 12th came the climax of the three wars waged by Brita~n against China between 1839 and 1860, with the objects, first, of compelling the Chinese, against their

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