Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1962), 21, (1), 7–8.


-7in 1927 had more succes s , end the "Workers' Weekly" was made bankrupt - upon wh i ch "Workers' Life" promptly took its place , and app eared until the advent i n 1930 of the "Daily Worker". Of all these papers t he re are fil e s i n our Library though mostly not with a complete run. For "Justice" we have 1896, 1915, 1918-22 (and would welcome ffi0re ) : for "Clarion", 1893 - 1904, 1910, 1913 - 1916: for others, only individual years . I n addi t ion there are papers of which we have no space hero to speak in detail, such as the "Social Democrat", monthly theoretical j ournal of the S·.D.F. (1897-9, 1903-9, 1911): a complete file of "The Young Socialist" (organ of the Social i s t Sunday Schools), from its inception to the death , of Alex Gossip', one of its l eading spirits - this latter on loan from the i.lex. Gossip Memorial Coromi ttee; "The Worker", organ of the Clydeside Workers' Cornmi:ttees during the first World War; "The Sunday Worker", and more . All are available to readers a t Marx House, and richly repay reading . Frank Jaokson . * * *** *** EARLY PAMPHLmS A stout green volume at our Library, entitled simply "Pamphlets" , contains more 'pamphlets from Alb ert Inkpin's collection worthy of being mentioned with those described in the l ast two issues of this Bulletin . For those studying soci a l conditions in Great Britain at the beginning of the present century there is invaluabl e material, usually ignored by the bourgeois his toriana~ Such are C.A. Gl yde ' s A Peep Behind The Scenes at a Board of 911Ardi an s (1905) : the same au thorls Britain's Dis ace a Plea for Old A e Ffms ion3 (1903): Ken Har die 's J ohn Bull and his Unemployed 1905: an anonyr.ous exposure of the Sal va t ion Army, "Salvation and Sweating" (somewhere about 19(0 ): Temett's"Munic i 0.1 Socialism" in West Ham (1902) : the 1906 edition of the Fabinn Society's Facts f or Socialists from the political economists and s tat i s t i ci an s.).: and El ser i es of other Fabian pamph Le ba ; Then there are more pamphle ts containing pro ~ganda for Socialism - Hyndman's r eply to Herbert Spencer, Social i sm and Slavery (1884, reprinted in 1899) and hi s 1904 lecture , Social-Democracy ( the words did not mean .·t hen what they mean now): F.A.50rge ' s ·Soci a l i sm and the Worker: J .L.Joynes ( one of the founders of the S.D.F:) The .Soc ialist Catechism: and William Morris' £amous l ecture of 1093, Communism (the Fabian reprint of 1893) . Few nowadays have ever r ead any of the sp eeches of Jean Jaures, the outstanding French sociali st or a tor and j ournalist assassinated on the eve of the first World War. Her o are t wo pamphlet s published by the Twentieth Cent ury }'ross - Socialism and t he Politi cal Parties (a sp eech at Limoges in 1905) and rr~c tical Socialism ( a speech i n the French Chamber of Deputies ). Here too

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