Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1961), 19, (1), 5


- 5EARLY PAMPHLETS AT MARX HOUSE In the Alex Gossip memorial bookcase at the Library are five red volumes lahill.cd"Pamphlets on Socialism" and a big blue one, "Socialist Pamphlets". The first was presented by E. Crump, once a member of the Hackney and Kingsland S.D.F. (whose minutes are surveyed elsewhere in this issue) and still a valued friend: the others by Albert Inkpin, once the secretary of that branch. The pamphlets - only a small part of our store - give one a fine picture of the Socialist literature of the pre-1914 period, on which the present older generation of Marxists was brought up: a picture indeed of the thought of the Socialist movement in those days, with its weak sides as well as its strong. Volume I includes a series of well-known expositions of Socialist principles. Among them we find Fred Henderson, "The Case for Socialism" (1908) Bax and Quelch, "A New Catechism of Socialism" (1903), A.P.Hazell, "A S'l.1I!1P.1ary of Marx's Capital" (1907), H.Quelch "The Social-Democratic Federation"(1905), and William Morris, "A Factory as it Might Be" (1908). A number were written to answer the quack remedies of the Liberals and Tories which then confused working men's heads - free trade, the drink traffic, tariff reform, etc. Two famous historical pamphlets are included - C.A.Glyde, "Liberal and Tory Hypocrisy during the 19th Century" (1909) and Tom Quelch (son of Harry Quelch, who edited "Justice" at 31a,Clerkenwell Green) "The Crimes of Liberalism and Toryism" (1911). Volume 2 contains Hyndman and Morris' "Summary of the Principles of Socialism" - originally written for the Democratic Federation, the Radical predecessor of the S.D.F., in 1883. This edition is dated 1899. Thore is a series of S.D.F. debates with anti-socialists - a favourite means of propaganda in the early days: Quelch v. Moore on Socialism and the Individual (1907), Quelch v. Grant on the Workers and the Liberal Party (1905), Wm.Gee v. Rev. M.P .Davies on Socialism (1908), Quelch v , Bigland on Tariff Reform (1901) and another on tho same subject between Ton Kennedy and Pringle (1908). Among many other pamphlets is one which had a big sale when John Burns (once a dockers' leader) went over to the Liberals and got a Ministerial post - "Judas Iscariot: John Burns's Verdict on Himse.Lf'" (1901). In Volume 3 arc more pamphlets dealing with practical questions facing the working-class in the 1900's - tariff reform and imperialism (Hyndman, 1910), the growth of trusts (H.W.Lee, 1908), the Poor Law (the case presented by the S,D.F. to the Royal Commission of 19(6), infant mortality (an I.L.P. p~phlet by Margaret McMillan, 1906), industrial accidents (a Fabian Society pamphlet of 1909), trade unions before the law (H.Cohen, an S.D.F. p~phlet, 1909), prison reform (Dora B.Montefiore, 1908) and several others. Volume 4, among other well-known propaganda booklets, contains Eleanor Marx Aveling's authorised translation of Plekhanov's "Anarchism and Socialism" (originally published by tho Twentieth Century Press at 31a and 38, Clerkenwell Green in 18959 this is a 1906 reprint. There is also liThe Principles of Socialism Made Plain", by IIFrank Fairman ll with Morris' preface (1888). ( In a subsequent issue we shall give a further account of these am other bound collections of pamphlets, which nre available to students (at the Library, of course).

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