Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1962), 23, (1), 3


- 3 II Thi::i document was vrri tten on the 21st October between 1 and 2 pvm, "We hope that those into whose hands it may corne will be enjoying better days than we have seen. Amen. " ***** OUR LIBRARY The Committee recently decided to ask the Moscow City authorities for a photograph of the new monument to Karl Marx, unveiled in the centre of the Soviet capital during the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This mORt impressive piece of modern sculpture ought, we felt, to find its reflection on the walls of the Library dedicated to the menory of the great thinker and leader. We are delighted to report that in the middle of June we received four beautifully executed photographs - one of the monument at full length, two of the head and bust in different proportions, and one of the great openair meeting in the Sverdlov Square, Moscow, on the occasion of the unveiling of the monument. All four are signed personally by the author of the monument, Leo Yefimovich Kerbel (who later received a Lenin prize for this outstanding work). In forwarding the photographs to the chairman, G. Fomin, deputy chief of the Moscow City Architectural-Planning Department, \vrites that the sculptor signed them "as a sign of his esteem for the readers of the Marx Memorial Library". A suitable letter of thanks has been sent. The photograph of the monument has been mounted for display in the lecture~room. ** MARXISM AND II- ** THE THE WINNING INDIVIDUAL ESSAY To understand the inherent meaning of individual freedom which is so loudly proclaimed in our ti~es by the supporters of the capitalist way of life of all shades of opinion, we must look back at its historical origin. 'I'he revolutions of the 17th and 18th century that inaugurated the

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