Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1963), 26, (1), 7–9.


7children arc learning English, and will be able to reply to their friends." 'I'h i f'o l.Lovrs ~ s letter was in Russian. But appended was a letter in English, as "Doar Friend! 1:Te wish very much to correspond with English children. We nr'o grEatly interested in your Library. In our school in the little town of Drohobych we have a large club of friendship. In this club we have letters fron different countries and different great men and progressive people all over the world. If you are able, please send us some pictures of London, of ~1arx HouGe, of Lenin, and tell us about your work. For peace and friendship! The members of the International Friendship Club, Drohobych Secondary School. We invite our members to organise some pen friends for these children. The address to which letters should be sent is~ Int?rnational Friendship Club, Secondary School No.1, Uagarin Street 19, Drohobych, ~raine, U.S.S.R. * ** * * * * * * * * * AN EPIC OF THE EAST The section of our Library designated "World of Socialism" (''W'' in the index) had until receritlysub-sections for 11 countries. Now it has a twelfth ~ith \lorks in English from the People's Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, rich in inter~st and very moving. Throe of them, published in 1960, in the capital, Hanoi, relate to the early dLys of the new Republic, 1945-7. In "Breaking Our Chains", a collection of docUDonts of the Viet Namese revolution, we read the last chapter but one of a 1011g epic. The French colonial regime of three-quarters of a century has collapsed ignominiously (just as has the British in ~1alaya) under the Japanese advanco in the early years of the war. The French have put up no effectual cppos i tion themselves, and have refused to arm the "natives", who have fought the Japanese with bare hands, till they could capture weapons from them. Instead, the French, under the Vichy governnent, have a~comnodated themselves to the Japanese occupation and shared with them the domination of Indo-China (as the French called tho "Kingdom" th0Y had knocked together by Viot Nam, Cambodia and Laos); while the bravest and most determined of the Vietnamese, helped by the population, have continued to harass and weaken the enemy by all possible means. Now, on .c March night of 1945, the Japanese turn on the French and drive them from all positions of authority, with the object of making Indo-China an exclusively Japanese colony. We see the immediate reaction of the Viet Minh (broad front of national salvation). The people are called to grasp this supreme opportunity; the scattered Liboration Committees are united on a national scale, and new onos elected as fast as the people gain the upper hand; the zones a.Lr'oady freed by tho guerrillas (chiefly in the North)·· are rapidly linked up; the North Viet Nam Revolutionary Committee assumes the High Command of the Liberation Army; . so that'within four months it is possible to launch the genoral insurrection, the puppet emperor abdicates, and the Provisional Pcopls's Government is established.

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