Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1963), 25, (1), 5–6.


-5INTRODUCING MARXISM TO THE YOUNG The eightieth anniversary of Marx's death (and the 145th of his birth) falls in 1963. It is very appropriate that there should now appear a new book, low-priced (10/6) by present standards, which ~rovides a popular introduction to Marxism in plain English. The publishers, geidenfeld and Nicolson, explain that Dr. Arnold Kettle's book, Karl Marx, Founder of Modern Communism, is one of a series of "short introductory books for young people"? to acquaint them with the contributions to human knowledge made by famous men. If their other books do this as well as Kettle's, in its 120 well-printed pages, they have been lucky in their authors. Anyone with thinking young peo~le from, say, 14 onwards among his friends, and any secretary of a youth organisation whatever its complexion, will do well to introduce them to the book. So that he and they shall not buy a pig in a poke, here is a summary of its contents. It begins with a reminder of Marx's life in north London Then there are three and an account of his Highgate monument. sections. The first is a good simple biography of Marx and Engels. The second is a lucid exposition of their ideas under four headings "}~arx as an economist", "Marx and history", "The revolutionary" and nf"

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