Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1964), 32, (1), 2–6.


- '2 - New Pr oblems of t he Nat i onal Liberation Struggles · 21st Jnnuary • 28th January • • British Guiana - What Next ? by George David Ceylon - iThi ch Way to Socialism? by Jack Woddis. • • Niger ia - The Fight against ~eo-colonialism by Idris Cox. 11th February • • Africa - the 30 Mi l l i on Not Yet Free! by a South African speaker. 4th Fcbrunry 25th Fobruary • • A Symposium • • The New States - Trade or Aid? by four aut hor i t a t i ve speakers from Africa and Britain. Al l Lec tures s tar t at 7.30 p .m. Admission is free . Visitor s Vi sitors f rom abroad to the Library since its reopening af ter the include ~vo from China, one from Japan, and the correspondent of the Sovi et newspaper "Pravda", Oleg Ore s t ov . s~~cr New Books We arc again indebted to Lawrence and Wishart for copies of three new books ~ ''William Mor r i s : The Man and the My t h" , by RsPage Arnot; "Ste"!l1r tie il , by Robert Bonner, a novel of the life of Scots railwaymen; nnd "Economics f or Trade Unionists", by Sam Aaronovich. Books -Old Sales of surpl us books duri ng the past three months have brought a us eful contribution to t he Libraryls funds. Mor e are available! .. . * *** **** THE DAUGHTERS OF KARL MARX We can only gues s a t wha t the s ons of Karl Marx might have ib ec ome , As a r esult of the terrible pr i va t ions suffer ed by Mar x and his family in the fir st . ye ar s of their life in England, t wo boys died in infancy; . and t he third, the highly tal ented Edgar, lived only to the age of nine. But t hr ee daugh t er s survived, t o do honour, each in her own way , to the genius and nobility of her parents. J enny, t he el des t (1844-1883), r esembled her father .most closely in appearance , being dark, wi t h s t r iki ng f eatures; Laura (1845-1911) wa s At school they distinguished themselves, f airer en d more like her mother. a lways being at the head of t he i r r esp ective classes; read French, Italian and Spanish (in their l ater l otters us e is repea tedl y made of foreign expr essions wher e t hese expr es s an i dea more neatly or humorously), but

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