Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1965), 36, (1), 4–7.


-4liThe People's Enemies", bJ Vilhelms Mun t er s (Foreign Iilinister of Latvia before the war ) IIJc1n:is Rai ni s , People's Poet ll , by J. Sudrabkalus, t he l ast three from La~r.ia. r Visi t or s Scarcely a day passes without one or two Londoners, or Britons from the provinces finding themselves in London, coming in to view the Library and ask for information about it. The Librarian or Secretary i s a lways ready to show them round and give them information on the history of the Library and its facilities. In addition, our visitors' book still records a flow of fri ends -from abroad: in the last quarter t hey have come from Bulgaria, J~uritius, East and West Germany, the USSR, Austria, the U.S.A., Hungary, France, Cuba, Japan and the Philipp~ne8. The captain and crew of the Soviet Oceanographic ship which anchor~d in the por t of London were among them. Dut we should like to see more organised visits by sohools, trade union and labour organisations, youth organisations, the peace movement, They will always be welcome, on condition of giving due notice, e tc. so that they may receive adequate attention. * ** *** WIC OF A PEOPLE'S WAR liThe For es t ll , by William J. Poneroy. FOR FR..~OM Seven Seas. 5/- Di stributed by Central Books. Her e is a book, newly arrived in our Library, which llOt onl y i s n noble and beautiful piece of writing, but illumines in a startling a~d pr of oundl y instructive way the nature, both human and polit i c~~, of a r evolutionary war of national liberation. Reading it, ~. think continually of all those parts of the world, and especially of course of Vietnam and Ma l aya , wher e the progressive and patriotic forces cf the peopl e are locked in battle wi t h the ~orldls strongest i mperialist powers, It is about liThe Forest" is not in fact about Vietnam or Mal aya. the struggle of the people's guerrillas (Huks) in the Philippines, where the Americans re-occupied their former colony after the defeat of the J apanese; and the important differences need to be borne in mind between those i slands, cut off by the sea from all outside help, ~ld , f or example, Sou t h Vietnam, which ~ e s pi t e all efforts of the enemy t o prevent it, can r eceive certain sustenance and support from the anti-·imperialist

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