Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1970), 53, (1), 8


- 8 - IMPORTANT NEW EDITION OF WORKS BY PLEKHANOV Lenin said after the beginning of Socialist reconstruction in Russia: "One cannot become a class-conscious, real Communist without studying - and I mean studying - everything written by Plekhanov on philosophy, for it is the best of all the international literature of Marxism." In this respect, his remarks hold good no less for those who are not Communists but are interested in Marxism. In the new one-volume edition of three of Plekhanov's shorter philosophical books, long out of print in English, students of Marxist thought will find a most valuable confirma~ion of Lenin!s opinion. The volume is entitled Fundamental Problems of Marxism - the longest of the works it contains, written in 1908. As an appendix, it includes two famous shorter papers by Plekhanov, The Materialist conce}tion of History (1897) and The Role of the Individual in History (1898. There is a suggestive preface by the American Marxist, James S. Allen, with a number of useful notes. The new edition is now available at the Library. Or, as we hope for and expect a strong demand for the loan of it, those who would prefer to possess their own copy will find it on sale at progressive booksellers' at 25/-. As prices go nowadays this is not unreasonable, and it is for thinking people a good investment. LawrJnce and Wishart, as usual are to be congratulated on bringing it out. * * * * ** * * * CENTE~ARY OF THE BIRTH OF LENIN In 1968 was celebrated the l50th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. This year (on April 22) the world will mark the 100th anniversar,y of the birth of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), the young genius who in turn dedicated his life to mastering the scientific thought of Marx, bringing it to bear on the new and highest stage of capitalism, already foreseen in its general character by l!Iarx, and so equipping the world's workers for victory. The C0ntenary is being observed in many ways in many places: in the socialist countries, naturally, with nation-wide enthusiasm, expressed with all the rich resources the people command there. In the canefields of Cuba or the forests of Vietnam, by intense dedication to the cause to which his name is an inspiration. And in countries like our own, with a whole spectrum of colours - from patronising notice or grudging respect by aloof and "uncommitted" scholars, to warm-hearted kinship and reverence in the most advanced sections of the working class.

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