Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1972), 64, (1), 14–15.


- 14 It supplies some supplementary information about the London Patriotic Club which tenanted our house fror:~ 1872 to 1892. Therewas a debate on "Free Love" there in 1875 (p. 24), which lastud for two evenings (the Club, it will bG rememborGd, had declared for equal voting rights for ~11 women and men, and admitted wonon members at tho very beginning of its existence in 1872). In 1874-6 its corresponding secretary was Alfred Days, an old supporter of tho Chartist thinker and fightur Bronterre O'Brien (p. 67). The Club had a delegate at a representative "Land Law Reform" convention in February, l88o, at which Charles Bradlaugh took the chair and the two niners' M.P. 1 s, Burt and Hacdonald, wore on the platfor1:1 (pp. 67-68). The booklet also gives some details of the n1eeting at the Club in April, 1882, organised to hear an appeal for funds to support Russian political exiles and their dependants, which was nade by two delegates of the secret revolutionary 11 Narodnaya Volia" (pp. 13- 14). There are also several additional facts ·~bout Adam Weiler (the friend of Harx and Engels), whoso life and work wore described in Nos. 61 and 62 of our Bulletin. In January 1877 he spoke at a lecture on political economy for working nen at King's College, London, strongly criticising the Liberal professor who gave it (pp. 63- 64). At the Land Law Reform convention, mentioned above, \1oiler was a delegate fron tho Manhood Suffrage League (p. 68): this was a political discussion club, working-class in character, which had existed since 1874 (pp. 50 onwards). In August 1881 he lectured on The Cor:ll:lunist Hanifesto to tho Club at the "Three Doves" in Berwick Street 1 Soho (p. 63) - a lecture which he repeated, by special roquest, nc:ct r.10nth (the report of his lecture, published in the Labour Standard- the London Trade Council's paper for which Engels that year wrote a number of wellknown articles - is quoted in full by Shipley on p. 66). A.R. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MARX AND ENGELS IN THE ORIGIN.I\1 LANGUAGES A Monunental Undertaking The Institutes of Marxisn-Leninism in the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic have jointly undertaken a new complete edition of the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels of a special character. All the writings and speeches of tho two great founders of scientific Socialism will be printed in the languages in which Marx and Engels wrote or delivered them. In this, of course, the collection will differ froo the existing Conplete works, which have already been published in Russian and German, and before long will be appearing in English. An earlier collection of the new kind,

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