Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1973), 65, (1), 2–5.


- 2 - that clarifies ~roblems and deepens understanding of the experiences of life in present-des society. We all know that in any situ.?.tion the ~Jresence of even one ~1erson who clearly grasps its essential eler,1ents is ::n immense asset. The greater the numbers of such -Jeople - the fewer who act by rule of thlll!lb because they have no theoretical principles to guide them - the stronger will such causes be. We know how much our Library has to give. Let usmake sure that others know 1 too, and SJ make this special year a landmark in our history! * * * * * * * • * * * * * * * * A NEW YEAR'S GIFT TO THE WORKERS l25th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto In the closing days of 1847 ;md the first dnys of 1848, Marx n", becDl!le the Communist Workers' Educational Society 1 and continued in existence under various changes of name right up to the First 1Norld War. The name of "communist" was chosen by revolutionnry socialists because so many other brands of "socir>.lism 11 were then (8.S naw) being preached. dro;:"~ped 2 In the Introduction to a reprint of Marx' pamphlet on the trial of the Cologne Communists, Marx and Engels, Selected Works (1951), Vol. 4, p.310.

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