Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1975), 74, (1), 18–19.


The Principles and Practice of Diplomacy New Trends in English Education History of London Transport Workers' Strike Science and the Modern World Brecht as they knew him NEW IN TH"~ K. M. Pannikei B. Simon B. Tillett A. N. Whitehead H. Witt (Editor) BERNAL PEACE LIBRARY SIPRI SIPRI M. Gowing Oil and Security The rise of C. B. Weapons Britain and Atomic Energy, Vols 1 and 2 FROM THE LIBRARIAN The addition of a new part-time colleague, Nick Wetton, to our staff has enabled us to deal with the last of the large donations of books which were waiting to be registered and assigned to the appropriate sections. This means that we are ready to receive, and would warmly welcome, further gifts of books, pamphlets or periodicals relating to the subjects which are the province of our library. Such gifts can often fill gaps on our shelves and in the reference cabinets, or provide duplicates for the reserve. Publications now out of print are particularly valuable. We have now obtained storage space outside Marx House for the reserve collection, so making room in the library itself for the newer acquisitions. Please let us have whatever you can spare from your own library; it may be just what someone else is looking for. Margaret Kentfield. BOOK REVIEW U.S. NEOCOLONIALISM IN AFRICA by Stewart Smith. Progress Publishers, Moscow. This book of 250 pages is a survey of US relations with Africa, considered as an organic part of world development in the period from the mid-fifties to the present day. The study examines the primary aims and policies of the US ruling circles, and the slower moving monopoly interests, as well as important military aspects. It discusses the social strata affected. the ideologies based on these, and the world influences involved. Stewart Smith, progressive American economist, has applied the searchlight of Marxist-Leninist theory to an all-round study of the subject, examining the problem in all four major aspects: economic, political, cultural, military. Like a skilled chess player, he explains the

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Kentfield, Margaret

Bevan, Yolande