Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1976), 80, (1), 17–20.


LECTlJBE BEPOBT Dr. David Mel.etlan of the University olf Kent was the opening lecturer in the Winter series. Dr. ;M,cLd~an, ,author of books on Marx and Marxism spoke at the Library on Friday 1 October on "Marx and EngeLs.--An Intellectual P,artnelrshli\p." He looked at Engels' oontnibution to their work at the beginning of his partnership witti Marx, wlhi,ch began in 1844, and his contribution after Marx's death. :Dr. McLCi1ba,n considered that Engels' contribution wasextremely positive j,n the first period, but lesssoin the latter period. Engels, to whom the lecturer thought insufficient credit had been given for Ihi,s historical wll1itirng (e.g. The Peasant W'

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