Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1977), 84, (1), 10–11.


Loan fa(liE~ies, serviced readers Bukhara region. In 11110re than 600 ctihe been posssble only to outline some of the marn features connected w:iith I[bli,miesand il~bl1a:ry managemenc in the Soviet Union. Clearsy, mere could !h'31ve been said, for example, about po!,iti:Ciad educat:onoour:ses and exhcbitions offered by ikhrarllies, and about the indexingand oataWOIguing systems used in il~bl1a'nie;:). However. :rf this article has conveyed la'nythi'ili~, H lis that convincing proal' was offered to SI:1:0W that IHbra'l1ies (and museums) :p1ruy a vli,tal suppcrnive role in Soviet society, in generatly raising cultural and technical standards thinoughout the population. Nicholas Wetton. MARXISM, ORTHODOXY AND RADICAL ECONOMICS The Lecture Hlal1l l3It Ma,rx Housewas fuLl on September 30 to heer Professor Joan Robinson vspeak on Marxism. Orthodoxy and Rwdi'ca!l Economics. Over 100 ipelo,ple managed to squeeze lin to hem hen- lecture bult another forty or so had to be turned away. "As a science, economics is an unsaeisfaotory subject," said Professor Robinson In ope,nlilJ1:g her Iecture. but it ,i,sa, subject about whidh lit Ii,s inljpc1rrbnt for the IPUlbli,c to have an understanding because cf ,its, ,idieioILogU;Oall liinflruence:. Economics tdda~ is in :a state of decay and liin her 'li,feti'ille she had seen a IioiTI1g evolution to the present position. Ewm1870 to the naneteen-tbirties orthodox economics of Alfred Mall1sihialH had been dominant. The main economic doctrines had been worked-out by the 1890s at a lime when the British economy was sti,ll domiruant,although by the 1870s Briiltish ,indus1Jria'l predominance in the world had begun to idedliine. The 'po~I:lcyof la,i'ssez-fa,i,re was one in the interests of British businessmen; the ideas of malilntarining a gold starudaird, 'a halanl':eid Ibudget ,amid free trade were advantageous to the interests 10,1' Briti's,h :incLustnila!1iists, las the ,w:odd's most powerful exporters. Those ,ideas 'were dressed-up in a theoreeicat scheme seen. for example. lin Say's Law wi produced wd:ll becO:llIsumeid". Coupled

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