Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1977), 83, (1), 7


welcomed a group from the Polish Co-operaeive Movement, groups of tourists from the Soviet Union and friends from the German Democratic Republic. At the time of writing, interest in Manis1I11 engendered by political developments in Europe has even been reflected in the correspondence columns of "The Times" so that a steady stream of Vlrsitol's from France, Italy and Spain is not unexpected. But anterest in Marx Memorial Library is wider-spread-vfrom Sweden to Japan, from the Middle East to the Americas. Long may it be so ! A ROYAL LINK "The Times" on June 3 reported the deaeh, two days before, of Sir Owen Morshead (83), who was librarian at Windsor Castle from 1926 to 1958. lit may surprise readers to learn-c-whar the, newspaper did not report--snat our Library and the students of Marx all over the world owe Morshead a great debt. In 1949 he made aVla~llaible to the Library, at my request, a letter from S;[' M. E. Gram Duff, one of Gladstone's former Ministers, describing atLen~th a long talk which he had had on January 31, 1879, wimh Karl Man. The letter, written next day, wasaiddressed to Queen Victoria's eldest da~glhte,r, the Empres, Frederick ad' Germany. The letter had been preserved for many years by her daughter, the Landgravin, (Grand Duchess) of Hesse, and in 1945 she asked Morshead to take 1.t for safe keeping to England, with other arohiilves. A chance paragraph in a London newspaper led me to write to Sir Owen: hesaBid he would lay the matter before the King, who was then preoccupied WIiroh the marriage of his daughter, now Oueen Bl~za:beth II : and later he wrote rthat the King would be "very pleased" to let our Library have it for pUlbIiwtion. Morsbead enclosed the actual text of the Ietter, whlilOh We returned. of COUl1se, lafter copying it. The Times Literary Supplement on July 15, 1949, printed Grant Duff's rletteif, with my covering note, and the Daily Worker did the same next day. We 'Sent a COlPY, naltuflaIU~, to the Institute of MarxismLeninism in Mosoowfor roheirarohivels. Grant Duff's three hours' meeting with Marx took place at the Devonshire Club: a Wield-know Liberal, Lionel MOIlIte~iore, had arranged it. The conversation (according to the letter) rooohed on the prospect of revolueion in Russia and Germany and t1he danger of growing armaments in Europe leading to war. Grant Duff found Marx a pleasant man totalk to : "iIt wiillrl IlI01 bene Who, Wlhetlhelf he wishes it or not, will tum the world upside down", was the MIP's conclusion ! A.R. 7

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